About Us

What is the Unlimited Health Team?

The Unlimited Health Team offers a unique platform where you can choose a highly certified Wellness Coach aligned with your values, beliefs, and aspirations. This empowering partnership is designed to guide you toward becoming the most unlimited version of yourself, actively shaping the future of your dreams. We extend our transformative services to both individuals and corporations, enhancing personal and professional well-being, with the mission to elevate individual empowerment and ultimately global consciousness.

What is UHT's Goal?

At UHT, our mission is to connect over 10 million individuals and organizations worldwide with Wellness Coaches, empowering them to conquer physical, mental, and emotional challenges and create lives filled with more of what they desire and less of what they don’t. We guide individuals in rediscovering what truly matters to them, recognizing that Personal Wellbeing is Professional Wellbeing. Our coaches foster positive change through impactful conversations, transformative experiences, and unwavering accountability.

We firmly believe that everyone, regardless of their level of success, health, or future ambitions, deserves a Wellness Coach, as wellness is for everyone. Addressing the core of fulfillment challenges, we emphasize that it’s not a lack of information but a lack of transformation that hinders true well-being, and UHT is here to bridge that gap.

Through our collaboration with the Global Wellness Alliance and the Pay It Forward program, we ensure that every individual committing to the journey of becoming a wellness leader also directly impacts someone in need. It’s a collective effort to create a ripple effect of positive transformation, making well-being accessible to all. Become a Wellness Leader today and join The Unlimited Health Team & Global Wellness Alliance in shaping a world where Total Wellness is not just a luxury but a New Global Standard.

What is a Wellness Coach?

Dedicated to fostering sustained transformation, Wellness Coaches draw from their diverse life experiences and individual expertise to provide unwavering support, guidance, and motivation. Armed with a rigorous professional curriculum, each coach is equipped not only to excel in their personal lives but also to assist others in setting personalized goals, cultivating passion, purpose, and inner peace.

The coaching journey, rooted in the 5 Dimensions of Life—Physical, Mental & Emotional, Career & Financial, Higher Self & Spiritual, and Social & Relational Wellness—becomes a holistic exploration of personal growth. This holistic approach, seamlessly integrated with the unique insights of each coach, serves as a compass for individuals seeking to enrich their lives on multiple fronts.

Furthermore, Wellness Coaches extend their transformative influence beyond individual well-being, aiming to optimize both personal and professional realms. Their holistic guidance identifies pathways to an optimal life, brimming with passion and purpose, both within and outside the workplace. Whether navigating the intricacies of personal aspirations or enhancing one’s professional journey, Wellness Coaches stand as allies in the pursuit of a fulfilling, harmonized life.

We strongly believe in utilizing other holistic practices in conjunction with coaching.

What is a Breakthrough Session?

A breakthrough session marks the exciting and dynamic commencement of your transformative journey with a chosen Wellness Coach. This engaging initial meeting is crafted to illuminate key facets of your life that are ripe for enhancement. It’s a thrilling opportunity to explore and define your vision across realms such as health, weight, digestion, finances, career, spiritual connection, and the broader tapestry of life.

During this session, the focus is on unveiling your aspirations and shedding light on any barriers that may be impeding your progress. It’s a chance to identify what might be slowing you down or standing in the way of achieving your desires, providing you with valuable insights to pave the way forward.

What sets us apart is the diversity of coaching styles and unique niches within our team. The magic of UHT lies in your ability to peruse through a myriad of Wellness Coaches, each with their distinct approach, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your specific goals and aspirations.

Moreover, the collaborative nature of our team ensures that if you or your coach discover another professional better suited to your objectives, we seamlessly facilitate the connection. This collaborative spirit ensures that you experience the full spectrum of benefits that UHT has to offer, aligning you with the ideal coach to propel you towards your desired transformation. Your breakthrough session is not just a meeting; it’s the first step towards unlocking your full potential and embracing the extraordinary possibilities that lie ahead.

How to book your Breakthrough Session?

1) Browse Our Coaches and find one that aligns with you.

2) Click book a Breakthrough Session, where you can access your coach’s calendar, availability, and payment options.

3) Be on the lookout for an email confirmation of your session. And of course, ENJOY!

What happens after a Breakthrough Session?

After experiencing the illuminating breakthrough session, you have the choice to make one of the most impactful decisions of your life! The transformative journey continues with a 90-day immerisve program, where the magic of working with a dedicated coach unfolds to help you manifest more of what you desire and less of what you don’t.

In this personalized and focused program, you’ll witness the tangible results of aligning with your coach’s expertise. Whether it’s achieving health and fitness goals, mastering work-life harmony, stress management, or navigating the intricacies of personal and professional growth, this intensive period is designed to catalyze meaningful change. In short you will be able to see your unique path unfold.

Our diverse team of coaches brings forth a range of specialized programs tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re drawn to enhancing physical well-being, optimizing career trajectories, fostering deeper spiritual connections, or addressing specific life challenges, each coach offers a distinct and effective roadmap.

Whether you’re embarking on a journey of self-discovery, career development, financial mastery, or overall well-being, the post-breakthrough phase is an exciting chapter where your goals become tangible realities. The commitment to your 90-day intensive program marks a significant stride towards a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life. Get ready to witness the incredible transformations that unfold as you embark on this enriching journey with your dedicated coach. The best is yet to come!

How does the Unlimited Health Team Choose Wellness Professionals?

The Unlimited Health Team meticulously chooses Wellness Coaches for their transformative abilities, emphasizing exemplary leadership by embodying the highest principles, morals, and ethics. We evaluate coaches based on character, integrity, life experience, mindset, and empathy, ensuring a holistic approach to sustainable success for both coaches and clients. Our stringent application process holds coaches accountable for credentials, education, and ongoing personal growth, reflecting our commitment to assembling a team of unparalleled excellence.

UHT Coaches Embody:

  • Emotional Maturity and Lifestyle Wellness: Demonstrating emotional intelligence and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to model well-being.
  • Self-Confidence and Self-Worth: Exhibiting confidence in coaching abilities and fostering a strong sense of self-worth.
  • Honesty, Patience, and Empathy: Upholding honesty, displaying patience, and practicing empathetic understanding in client interactions.
  • Organizational Proficiency and Customized Planning: Effectively organizing and creating tailored plans to meet individual client needs.
  • Motivational Expertise: Inspiring and encouraging clients to pursue positive behavioural changes and achieve their goals.
  • Adaptability and Quick Thinking: Adapting swiftly to unforeseen circumstances and demonstrating quick thinking in evolving situations.
  • Change Management Support: Assisting clients in adjusting to change by providing emotional support, particularly in coping with illness, and promoting healthy behaviours.
  • Accountability Coaching: Empowering clients to be proactive and accountable for their lifestyles through effective coaching strategies.


You’re in the driving seat of your health & life journey — coaches are simply here to help guide you along the way