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What is Unlimited Health Coaching? (UHC)

Unlimited Health Coaching provides a platform where you select a certified Health & Life Coach (H&L Coach) that matches your values, beliefs, and aspirations. Which will empower you to become the most unlimited version of yourself and help create the future of your dreams.

What is UHCs Goal?

We aim to connect 10+ million individuals with H&L Coaches globally. UHC is enabling individuals to overcome physical, mental and emotional challenges and, in short, getting everyone more of what they want and less of what they don’t want. The coaches will elicit positive change through powerful conversations and experiences, Transforming habits, mindset and providing accountability to ensure success throughout their life. We believe everybody and every body deserves a H&L Coach regardless of your success, health or future ambitions.

We believe it’s not a lack of information on why people aren’t fulfilled but a lack of transformation. UHC is here to help.

What is a Health & Life Coach anyways?

Health & Life Coaches are trained to create sustained transformation within their clients through support, guidance and motivation.

Our Coaches have completed a structured professional curriculum to succeed in their own lives and assist others in setting goals and living with more passion and purpose.

The coaching is based on Personal Growth, Mental Health, Physical Health, Career, Finances, Relationships and aspirations.

H&L Coaches have a holistic approach to improving people’s lives. Coaches are trained to identify and guide you to achieve an optimal life.

We strongly believe in utilizing other holistic practices in conjunction with coaching.

What is a Breakthrough Session?

A breakthrough session is a fun and powerful initial meeting between you and your selected H&L Coach. They are designed to uncover and bring light to critical areas of your life that you seek improvement. Discover your vision for your health, weight, digestion, finances, career, “that which is greater” & life. Uncover what might be stopping you, slowing you down, or preventing you from having what you want so you know what to do next to move forward.

Every coach has different styles and unique niches that focus on various aspects of life. The fantastic thing about UHC is that you can browse through many H&L Coaches to find the perfect fit for you and your goals.

The best part is that our team works together, and if we find/discover another coach more suited to your goals, we can get you in touch so you can experience the full benefits of what UHC offers.

How to book your “Breakthrough Session”:

1) Browse “Our Coaches” and find one that aligns with you.

2) Click book a Breakthrough Session,” where you can access your coach’s calendar, availability, and payment options.

3) Be on the lookout for your coach to contact you and confirm your session. And of course, ENJOY!

Health Coach VS Life Coach?

Health coaching is not an evolution of life coaching; it is a different specialty. Life coaching focuses on the individual’s entire life. Health and Wellness coaches help people develop individualized strategies for improving their health, exercise, eating and emotional well-being.

At UHC, we believe H&L Coaching goes hand in hand as you can not have one without the other.

How does UHC pick their team of Health & Life Coaches?

The UHC team selects their H&L Coaches based on the ability to create transformation within their clients. UHC believes that Coaches should lead by example and have the highest principles, morals and ethics to set themselves and their clients up for sustainable success. We look at the Coach’s Character, Integrity, Life Experience, Mindset, and Empathy toward clients. UHC also holds our coaches accountable for their credentials, schooling and personal growth within their own lives. They all go through a stringent application process to become a member of our team.

The UHC Coaches possess:

  • Emotional maturity and a healthy lifestyle

  • Self-confidence and self-worth

  • Honesty, patience and empathy

  • The ability to be organized and create customized plans

  • The ability to motivate and encourage people

  • The ability to think quickly and adapt to unexpected changes

  • The ability to help clients adjust to change (by providing emotional support for coping with illness and encouraging healthy behaviours)

  • The ability to coach clients to be active and accountable for their lifestyles

You’re in the driving seat of your health & life journey — coaches are simply here to help guide you along the way

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