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Amy Douglas

Hi! I’m Amy. I’m happy you’re here! My journey began with my own healing.
You see, I once had a life that others described as perfect: a great marriage, amazing kids, a beautiful home, and a great career.

And then it changed…
I found myself a divorced, single mother of two with overwhelming responsibilities and an image to uphold. I still thought I had to be perfect at all times, and with everyone else in my life struggling, there was no room for me to have faults or weaknesses. But faking this perception of perfection was too exhausting and took a toll on my health. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I felt stuck. Sound familiar?

Letting go of all the walls I had put in place was scary and vulnerable and so worth it. Working together, we will navigate a deep understanding of your uniqueness and co-create action steps that are tailored for you so that you can:

Transform your mindset – replacing negative self-talk with inspiration
Get clear on your future and how to create it –
revealing the blindspots and removing old limiting beliefs
Experience relief from stress and overwhelm –
relaxing your mind and creating new coping strategies
Regain confidence – so you feel empowered in everything you do
Take charge of your decisions – so you love every aspect of your life
Sharing, supporting, and guiding you is my purpose.