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Devon Thomas

Devon Thomas is a Health & Wellness Coach from a small midwest town, Hannibal, Missouri. Devon grew up with no father, a mother addicted to drugs and learned to overcome adversity early on. Through his trials and tribulations, Devon grew into a man of discipline, resiliency, joy, peace, and confidence. After deciding he could either repeat history or use his story to fuel his passion for change and help inspire others, Devon chose to become the best version of himself possible. 

After graduating high school, Devon attended a nursing school where he became a first-generation college graduate. Shortly after entering the western medicine practice where Devon envisioned helping others heal, he quickly discovered our current system was built on profit and greed, not healing and longevity. 

Devon quickly began a deep dive into alternative forms of medicine through any resource possible, podcasts, books, documentaries, and personal counsel. Devon began working under a holistic MD at a natural health clinic and became a certified Life and Health Coach. Devon now spends the majority of his time empowering others in their health and creating a life of longevity through confident & informed health decisions. Whether you need assistance in change in your health, mindset, spirituality, or life, Devon can help facilitate change from where you are to where you want to be through confident habit change.