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Howard Wu

Health Coach Howard is a medical professional turned full-time mastery coach after numerous personal insights, breakthroughs and transformations from taking a Certified Life & Health coaching course. He is coaching in both English and Chinese Languages. 

Having struggled with a few life failures and challenges, like many of you, he firmly believes coaching is a vital catalyst toward change for all of us. With renewed passion, enthusiasm and fall forward mindset, he is ready to help you move forward with the best-personalized system, support and accountability.

His expertise is helping overworked business and community leaders & health professionals who want to reignite their passion by finding more time and energy for things that matter most. He will help you to rediscover joy and balance by rebuilding your health and wealth through renewed mindset and habit change. He cannot wait to see how his creativity and curiosity crash in with your authentic desire to reach a higher version of yourself.