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~Customer Testimonials~

Jenie Griffin

Hi There, I’m Jenie and I am so glad you are here! Just a little bit about me, what I do and who I serve.

After 20+ years of serving in Corporate America, I couldn’t help but feel there is something deeper and more meaningful meant for me. After relocating in 2018, losing 3 close family members in less than 1 year and the challenges this brought on during Covid, I stepped into heavily seeking my greater purpose.

It was through my own journey to heal that I arrived at coaching first for myself and now as an opportunity to serve others, on that deeper level I have always felt called to do.

Now, I am a Mastery Level Certified Health & Life Coach. I serve men and women struggling with the daunting feelings of stress, overwhelm and anxiety. I help them find that balanced sweet spot between health & life so they can finally live their best life.

My ideal client is longing for more out of life. They are ready and willing to step into vulnerability; to truly experience transformation change. They are looking for clarity to heal, possess a desire to break down blockages and make an impactful shift; to shine their light as the best versions of themselves in their personalized New Beginning.