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Saige Materi

Hello! I’m Saige, a free spirit born in the vibrant city of Calgary, AB, Canada. Since September 2022, I’ve been living remotely, embracing the adventures that come with the nomadic lifestyle.

My journey to becoming a Certified Health and Life Coach started when I faced the challenges of losing myself in relationships, dealing with anxiety, and battling a lack of confidence. In the midst of these struggles, I discovered the transformative power of listening to my intuition and embracing my desires with unwavering belief.

As I reclaimed my voice, confidence, and learned to set boundaries, I uncovered the profound beauty of taking risks and confronting the things that once terrified me. Through this journey, I found courage and strength within myself, witnessing the manifestation of my dreams turning into reality.

Now, my purpose is crystal clear—to guide and support women who, like me, have felt lost and disconnected from their inner goddess. I am here to help them rediscover themselves, tap into their innate power, and live authentically. Having personally experienced the transformative magic of finding one’s true self, I am passionate about sharing that gift with others.

Join me on this empowering journey of self-discovery, no matter where you are in the world. Let’s activate the goddess within and craft the lives of our dreams together. Because, you deserve nothing less.