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One Step, One Breathe


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Teresa Delgado

Hi! I’m a certified life and health coach specializing in helping others through the difficult, often messy, journey of grief and loss.

Since I can remember I have been drawn to helping others. I went to school for counseling and worked as a Guidance Counselor for a brief time. And then, in 2006, tragedy struck. I lost my three young children and my mother in a car accident. Needless to say, this was devastating and set me on the most difficult journey of my life. I was scared, lost, and in unimaginable pain and was faced with the seemingly impossible task of healing.

I left counseling and went on to pursue a different career path until a couple of years ago when I realized that my true passion still lay in helping others and that I needed to, once again, honor my true purpose.

After becoming certified as a coach, I created my signature program, One Step, One Breath. Through my own experience with grief and loss and through this program, I help others navigate their own personal and unique grief journey and show them that they can once again find true joy and meaning in their lives.