Unlimited Health Coaching 


Please read the following thoroughly

As a service-based company, our primary goal is to maintain the freedom and profitability of our coaches while driving the growth and expansion of Unlimited Health Coaching (UHC) Hereinafter referred to as the Unlimited Health Team (UHT)  to make a meaningful impact and help people lead happier, healthier lives. We highly encourage and support self-employment and promotion in conjunction with contracting through UHT.


  • After a client undergoes a “Breakthrough Session,” they may receive randomized follow-up call(s) to assess their experience and offer further assistance. This process is crucial for matching and maintaining clients with the most suitable coach based on their niche and personality.
  • If there is a low conversion rate from Breakthrough Sessions to Transformation Programs, support meetings will be organized to identify potential areas of improvement.
  • Maintaining a high standard of client experience is essential, as UHT aims to facilitate significant transformations. Failure to meet these standards may result in support meetings.
  • UHT retains the authority to terminate contract employment at any time.

Pricing / Energy Exchange:

  • Please note: that prices and percentages are subject to change as we grow and develop the platform and team, always with the best intentions and ethical considerations in mind.
  • Pricing for Health & Life Coaches within UHT will not be disclosed to clients and will not be indicated on the forefront of the website, except for the standardized $60 Breakthrough Session fee.

Non Company related Breakthrough Sessions will be priced at $60 USD or offered for Free with a promo code.

  • Coach receives $40
  • UHT receives $20

The price of coaching programs will be determined based on the Coaches value, which encompasses their experience, education, character, and ability to create transformations for clients. Additionally, the coach’s Breakthrough Session to Program Conversion ratio will be considered.

**** The current pricing for the  90-day Transformation Programs are set at $1750 (USD)

Please note that this pricing is subject to change as our team and offerings expand, and as we gather more data on the efficacy of the website. We strive to continually improve our services and ensure that our pricing accurately reflects the value provided to our clients. Thank you for your understanding as we evolve and refine our offerings.

The future of our pricing will consist of three levels of offerings based on the above criteria:

Mastery Coaches- $2750 (USD)

Advanced Coaches- $1950 (USD)

Standard Coaches- $1450 (USD)


  • Contracted Coach receives 80% of the program price (Full Autonomy, Set Own Schedule, based on the above criteria will indicate Transformation Program Pricing,  no advertisement or self-promotion required).
  • Unlimited Health Coaching receives 20% of the program price (covers Website Costs, Finder’s Fee, Corporate Programs and Courses, Marketing, General Maintenance, Accounting, Legal Fees, Stripe Fees, Pay It Forward Program, and Facilitates Growth Opportunities)

Company Subscription Programs

Company Subscription Programs offered by Wellness Health Score and Unlimited Health Team come with three different subscription options: Basic, Premium, and Enterprise.

  1. Basic (FREE):
  • Access to potential clients from the Wellness Courses provided, where the employee has the option to work with a coach through a Breakthrough Session.
  1. Premium:
  • Breakthrough Session for every employee, paid for by the company.
  • Wellness Coach Representative in communication with the company’s HR, responsible for sending out quarterly emails.
  • 1 Company Baseline Data Review conducted through a Webinar.
  1. Enterprise (Includes all features from Basic and Premium):
  • Coaching Programs provided for each Employee.
  • Alternatively, employees may receive a Discount towards coaching Programs, which will be paid for or rebated by the Company.

Additional Pricing Details:

  • Breakthrough Sessions – Coaches receive $30 per session (due to company bulk pricing)
  • For Coaching Programs, the coach receives 80% of the program pricing.

Energy Exchange for Company Coach Referral and Company Coach Representative:

  1. Company Coach Referral:
  • Coaches who successfully recruit a company to join the Unlimited Health Team & Wellness Health Score receive $10 per Employee from Premium and Enterprise Subscriptions.
  • The referral bonus is calculated based on the number of employees in the company.
  • For example, if a 25-person company subscribes to Premium or Enterprise, the coach receives a $250 referral bonus. If it’s a 100-person company, the coach receives a $1000 referral bonus.
  • The coach must be involved in the Free Demo Call with the Company and the Onboarding Process.


  1. Company Coach Representative:
  • The coach selected as the Company Coach Representative will be in contact with the company and its employees throughout the relationship providing quarterly emails and 1 Company Baseline Data Review conducted through a Webinar.
  • They will provide guidance and support with employees and company HR.
  • The Company Coach Representative also receives $10 per Employee from Premium and Enterprise Subscriptions.
  • The referral bonus is calculated based on the number of employees in the company, similar to the Company Coach Referral.
  • The coach who initially referred the company gets the first choice to be the Company Coach Representative.
  • The coach must be involved in the Onboarding Process (but not the demo call) assisting the referral coach to ensure company satisfaction (Both referral coach and representative coach must work together if not the same person.)

These subscription options and referral programs aim to incentivize coaches to bring more opportunities to the team and provide quality services to companies and their employees.

Yearly Subscriptions

As a contracted coach with UHT,  you will be responsible for paying annually for your custom email/video conferencing platform, calendly link, and other related expenses. 

Calendly Teams 

Annual Price – $201.60 (USD)   (subject to change)

Google Workspace Business Standard / Google Meet with Video Recording

Annual Price – $180 (USD)    (subject to change)

Activation / Setup – (Includes creation of the above accounts + Professional video edit to your profile + all onboarding and resources)

 One Time Fee – $50 (USD) (subject to change)  

Total Due Upon acceptance of the Unlimited Health Team $431.60 (USD)

****Total Due Annually thereafter for the next year: $381.60 (USD) (subject to change)

Please ensure immediate payments to facilitate a smooth onboarding or renewal process. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Payment Processing:

  • All Breakthrough Sessions and Program payments of any sort will be made directly to the Unlimited Health Team through the website via Stripe to ensure consistency and client satisfaction. Non-compliance may result in termination of the contract.
  • Breakthrough Session payments will be disbursed quarterly (beginning of the month).

Payout schedule for Coaching Programs:

100% of the Coaches portion of the Transformation Program payment will be paid out upon Successful Program Completion or Client Forfeit** (start of the month)

***In the event that a client needs to be transferred to a new coach, the previous coach will be compensated for the sessions they have already provided. The client will then be directed to another coach, and a proper client handover process will be facilitated to ensure a smooth transition. Non-compliance may result in termination from UHT.

Client Forfeit**Due to Non Engagement- Defined as 3 weeks of no communication from the client. The coach will attempt to contact the client with a leadership member BCC’d and contact leadership about the situation to find resolution. If 3 weeks time has passed the coach will be paid out in full for the remaining sessions and the client will not receive a refund on the remaining sessions.

Please note that these guidelines are intended to create a professional and mutually beneficial environment for coaches and clients within the Unlimited Health Team platform.