Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of misconceptions about Health & Life coaching.  Let us help clear that up.

Not True. Coaching caught on first with high-level executive clients, movie stars, athletes and billionaires. But as the profession grows, there are great coaches who specialize in clients from every walk of life. If you’re interested in hiring a coach, check out the “our coaches“ section to find one who is right for you. Coaching is for everyone (and that’s no myth)!

Not true. Years ago, many people viewed coaching as a tool to help correct underperformance or to “fix” people,” Things have shifted tremendously since then. The goal of coaching is to help others realize their potential. (currently successful or not) Everyone can improve, and coaching can help bring about that change

Not true. H&L Coaches greatly understand how to work with health issues and share knowledgeable information regarding health to anyone at any stage, creating a healthier lifestyle—supercharging even a healthy person into a more incredible and energized version of themself.

Not true. The Coach and Client work in conjunction towards the client’s goals and dreams. H&L Coaches apply accountability and will always ensure that you align with the process of achieving your highest self and apply adjustments as needed.

Not true. H&L Coaches are empaths who meet clients where they’re at. They open their clients up to making small, consistent changes while working at a comfortable pace.

Not true. All though H&L Coaches do live mainly a healthy lifestyle. They are human. Our coaches believe that it’s all about moderation and balance.

Not true. Lifestyle modifications can help prevent long-term health conditions and manage existing health issues. Several health indicators could be improved with positive eating and sleeping habits and regular exercise. That being said, H&L Coaches understand the importance of western medicine to treat certain conditions and fully support them where required. Always consult your health care team.

Not True. H&L Coaching is cheaper than the potential medical costs if you don’t take good care of yourself. It’s an investment in yourself. We’re quick to spend on the latest shoes, phones, etc., but are apprehensive about investing the same on the things that can have a long-term impact on our health and our loved ones. What would life look like a year from now if you started investing in taking care of yourself?

Health will be a priority for you now or later. So let’s get you ahead of the curve.

Not true. Clients working with H&L Coaches can achieve remarkable progress on their goals in just four to five hours a month.

In most cases, clients don’t have to travel to meet with their coach. Instead, they meet over video chat or voice call—it’s easier, more efficient, and there are minimal distractions.