Logan Muir - Former Monk

Logan Muir is a Health & Life Coach originally from Edson, Alberta, Canada. A small town with only 10,000 people. When Logan wanted more out of life, he moved to Red Deer, Alberta, CA, where he became a personal development master. He would learn and experiment with every book and podcast on which he could get his hands on. Playing high-level sports and having the drive to win in life, Logan set high standards for himself and realized that he could accomplish anything he set his mind to with discipline and good intention. He achieved success in almost every metric at only 23, had an incredible career, and owned multiple rental properties and a family home. He was also financially savvy and successful.

After many years of achieving “success,” he realized he had so much more to offer to the world. Logan then went on to take a trip of a lifetime where he met the love of his life in the airport and went on to become a Buddhist Monk on his 59-day life transformative journey. He deepened and enhanced his self-awareness through meditation, which helped guide him to where he is today. Founder and Creator of Unlimited Health Coaching and Lightworkers Global, Logan now lives his life serving humanity. Whether you seek guidance in your career, your health, your relationships, your finances or your entire life Logan has you covered to take you from where you are to where you want to go.

Logan’s ideal clientele: High achievers who are goal-orientated leaders/executives willing to do what it takes to create their highest self, lead with purpose, and still attain balance in every area of their life.

Words that Describe Logan Muir: Motivated, Genuine, Honest, Patient, Intuitive, Enthusiastic, Intelligent, Tenacious, Resourceful, Open-Minded, Joyful, Thoughtful, and Reliable.

A breakthrough session is a fun and powerful initial meeting between you and your selected H&L Coach. They are designed to uncover and bring light to critical areas of your life that you seek improvement. Discover your vision for your health, weight, digestion, finances, career, “that which is greater” & life. Uncover what might be stopping you, slowing you down, or preventing you from having what you want so you know what to do next to move forward.

Breakthrough sessions are available at no charge for all Lightworkers. Learn more about Lightworkers Global.